Density measurement

Density meter IPB-1K Ecophyspribor

Ecophyspribor noncontact Densitу meters are a set of devices for non-contact density measurement of liquids and pulps inside various vessels and entirely filled pipes.
The absence of contact between device components and tested material allows to use the Ecophyspribor Density meters for control vessels filled with:

corrosive, abrasive, aggressive, toxic, biohazardous materials;
molted and cryogenic materials;
foams, suspensions, slurries, powders, pulps, charges.

Temperature and pressure inside the vessel can be of any value.


Characteristics IPB-1K. Noncontact Density meter IPB-1K Ecophyspribor

The Density meter IPB-1K is available in four models that differ in the detector unit used and in the fractional error tolerance.

Version 10
Designation - IPB-1K-10 KZRS.843000.001-10
with BD-6-5D KZRS.329.000.006-25 or BD-6-1D KZRS.329.000.006-21 Detector unit)

Version 11
Designation - IPB-1K-11 KZRS.843000.001- 11
(with BD-6-5 KZRS.329.000.006-05 or BD-6-1 KZRS.329.000.006-01 Detector unit)


Technical characteristics

Basic output signal

”dry” relay contacts

Versions of detection blocks:

   - BPU-1К, BD-2, BD-3

hermetically sealed

   - BPU-1К, BD-2, BD-3

explosion proof (2ExsIIT4)

   - BD-1

explosion proof (1ExdIICT5)


Power consumption, W:

not more than 10

Range of working temperatures, oC:

   - for a detection block

from – 40 up to + 70

   - for a block of data handling

from – 10 up to + 60