Production tasks

Impregnation lacquer level control in autoclave


Impregnating autoclave is used for impregnation with lacquer of different components. It represents a steel reservoir (wall thickness about 15 mm) surrounded by a steam jacket (wall thickness of a steel jacket is about 15 mm).

Typical technological parameters:

        • working medium in the reservoir: bakelite lacquer with temperature up to 80 ºC, density 1,108 gram/cubic cm.
        • lacquer is inclined to polymerization so adhering on the wall up to 5 cm is possible
        • maximum rate of the level change 30 cm/min
        • temperature of the outer wall up to 160 ºC
        • dust-ignition-proof construction of  detectors
        • depending on the nomenclature of work pieces several controllable levels are possible

Engineering industry. Non-contact control devices in engineering industry


Extreme levels control of tank-wagons filling in/pouring out

Two non-contact solutions are offered: