Environmentally safe emitters for non-contact control devices. Basic schemes of location.

Depending on the current task our devices can use as an emitter either natural gamma-radiation background or supplementary radionuclide sources:

  • natural  (e.g. potassium chloride of mass up to 50 kg)
  • artificial  (e.g. standard source emitter Sodium-22)

Mentioned sources don’t fall under IAEA safety standards purview, e.g. on the territory of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan our production is authorized for free use and doesn’t need extra permission and control of special services.

Usually emitter Sodium-22 is used. In case of external location point source emitter is put into mounting casing with maximum size up to 140 mm. In case of emitter location inside of the vessel an embedded pipe of 40 mm in diameter is used.