Аdvantages of the Ecophyspribor technology

Ecophyspribor’s devices for non-contact measurement and indication of level, density and surface density designed on the basis of ecologically safe radiation technology have all advantages of traditional radioisotope analogs, namely they can not be substituted in complex technological conditions

with toxic, aggressive and biologically hazard materials;
with corrosive and abrasive substances;
with molten and cryogenic materials;
with radioactive substances with high or/and alternative activity;
with foams, slurries and sludge;
with powder and other high suspended solids;
with pulp, ore and other dry bulk materials;
working with vessels without pressure restrictions;
working with vessels without temperature restrictions.

Ecophyspribor’s devices are free from the main drawback of traditional radioisotope devices, i.e. necessity to use an active radionuclide source.

Ecophyspribor’s devices can work without special sources at all, using natural radiation background or using sources of so small activity that they are not the subject to control by the radiation protection services (IAEA Safety Standards).

Our devices are outside the liability of usual control services (in Russia - State Atomic Supervision, Sanitary-epidemiological services, Ministry of Domestic Affairs) that is confirmed by the corresponding documents.

Thus, our devices:

do not enlarge the radiation background;
do not demand special radiation shield;
do not pollute the environment;
do not demand specially trained personnel;
do not demand specially equipped and certified premises;
do not produce problems during dismantling of the equipment.

Due to the absence of a radiation source or its small dimensions (there is no radiation protection) the devices of the firm “Ecophyspribor” can be mounted in the places where it is impossible to mount the usual (conventional) devices

The using of the natural-radiation devices is more cost effective than the using of the conventional nuclear devices.

The natural-radiation non-contact meters and indicators of the level or density do not contain moving parts and do not demand the service. You really can "plug and forget".

Our natural-radiation devices have already replaced thousands of conventional nuclear devices in the systems of no-contact control in the various fields of industry.

The devices of the firm “Ecophyspribor” are working continuously and without a hitch for several years in the open air in the conditions of Russian continental or tropical climate or in Siberian near-pole regions.

Devices of the firm “Ecophyspribor” successfully work on the plants (enterprises) of metallurgy, on the mining and ore-concentration manufactures, on the enterprises of chemical, oil-production, petroleum-refining and gas industries, as well as in pulp and paper industry, construction and so on.

Ecologically safety natural-radiation technology has opened the way to the radiation devices in the previously inaccessible fields of application, particularly in the food industry.

“Ecophyspribor” can modify any of our devices according to your demands. “Ecophyspribor” can develop a new device by your task considering your special conditions.

The ecologically safe radiation technology of Ecophyspribor is covered by Russian and International patents.