Production tasks

Oil coke storage silo

Building of the coke storage silo is a reinforced concrete cylindrical reservoir with conic steel bottom. Diameter of the cylindrical part is 12 m. The problem of signaling of the upper and lower levels is solved according to the scheme with two detection blocks. For that filling pipe lengths are put into the silo concrete sidewalls along the axis of the registered radiation.




Examples of basic solutions

Solutions with one detection block

are applied for tasks of non-contact point level indication, usually solved with the use of traditional radionuclide technology with constant and limited in value (up to 0.3 μGr/h) summary gamma-radiation of background and tested material in the zone of  detection block setting.


Wood chips level control in a steaming chamber

Wood chips from feeding device are passed by a screw feeder in a steaming chamber, where they are got steamed thoroughly and then passed in a disk mill by a discharge screw conveyor.

Inside of the chamber: