Density measurement of asphalt, concrete and soil

Gauge of the surface density of soils and grounds is intended for measuring of density in a surface layer at the depth up to 20 cm and is the mean of process and technical control of surface density of strengthened  and non strengthened soils, of laying of asphalt and cement concrete. Can be used in the various systems of construction quality management, either independently as a mean of express-control of surface density of soils and concrete or in the complex with the other devices as a mean of control of strength and staunchness of concrete.
A device is proposed to construction enterprises and laboratories, to services of technical control and inspection for quick and objective estimation of the quality of fulfilled construction, hydrotechnical and road works.


Density meter is a portable device with autonomous power supply from rechargeable battery.
The principle of operation is based on the dependence of the gamma-radiation intensity back-scattered from the tested medium on medium density.